Saturday, 1 September 2012


teenie tiny stone henge from model vilage!

It might be the sleep depravation (over 24 hours now with any zzz's...) but i worked through the night on various little project and so far been quite happy today!
i gave up trying to sleep and instead walked down to McDonalds and had some pancakes (YAY!) and pottered around.

I had a great response to Birds Nest (great name chosen ages ago by a good pal no? -Thanks David!) group on Facebook where I set it up for friends on there who been asking after it and I thought i give it one last shot, especially since I'm feeling a lot stronger and better in mind and spirit to deal with it now. Its a great way for me to share not only this blog but all the crafty and nerdy things going on and a lot of them are apart of it and supported me so very well!
The response has been crazy! Wow! Blown my little cotton socks off!
combined with the ongoing success and response on this blog from around the globe and the comments and e-mails....i'm feeling very blessed...Thank you!

I set up a competition on the facebook page where one lucky member could win a hand crafted prized made by me...and I already got a great idea or two rolling! Oh yeah! And judging by the numbers again who want to take part and strike it lucky, wow once again!
 I do hope to have a public competition on here in the near future so keep an eye out for that!

I might be ill physically and mentally and things are a bit pants at times but theres also are some brilliant moments like these that makes it wonderful to see and be apart of!

Thank you very much!

Today could be a good day....!

Birdie Love

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